WestTransLine Group always welcomes professionals willing to work and develop in the field of international transportation.

Our task is to build a leading team in the market of international cargo transportation; therefore, great attention is paid not only to finding the best specialists, but also to the development of our employees, their motivation and social support. All employees of the Group, from drivers to the office staff, receive professional training and improve their knowledge in the field of transport logistics. The Group continuously invests into developing the competencies of its employees.

Under the leadership in the area of competencies of the personnel we understand:
  • high appraisal of the quality of work of our personnel by the Customers;
  • recognition of our employees by experts in the field of transport logistics;
  • steady growth of the labor productivity and the efficiency of the personnel;
  • no recurrence of errors due to regular measures aimed at their prevention.

If you wish to join the WestTransLine Team Group, have rich experience in the field of transport logistics or dream to start a career in a reliable and prospective Group, you can fill in the form available at our website in Careers, where there is information about current vacancies and requirements to applicants. Even when currently you see no job right for you, but you have experience and knowledge in the field of transport logistics, e-mail your CV to

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