About us

WestTransLine group of companies is a logistics operator with 31 years of successful experience in international cargo transportation in European and CIS countries:
  • own fleet consists of 200 covered vehicles with SCANIA and VOLVO haulers complying with the Euro-6 standard, with conventional and low-frame KRONE  semi-trailers;
  • the total number of employees exceeds 500 people, there are departments in Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Germany;
  • more than 20 000 international cargo transportations per year;
  • status of Authorized Economic Operator;
  • status of Customs Carrier;
  • status of Customs Broker in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.
We provide solutions of logistics tasks and implement the formula of our business:                                             Reliability = Guarantee of service quality = Confidence of customers of WestTransLine Group.
Mission statement of the Group:
  • Be a recognized leader in the market of transportation and logistics services.
  • Improve and create new solutions for the development of competitive advantages for our partners and the potential of employees.
  • Strive for harmony as the guarantee of a successful business.
Principles of the Group:


We are responsible for fulfillment of undertaken obligations — our words always match our deeds.

principle of PARTNERSHIP

The concerns and problems of the Customer are as important to us as our own — it promotes development of long and strong business relationships.


The system of selection of an optimum package of services gives the right to every Customer to pay only for the required services without intermediaries and additional expenses.


We sincerely care about the environment, safety of goods and personnel, that’s why we use when rendering our services modern technologies complying with current environment-protection standards.

We offer our Customers professional solutions for logistic tasks: