Project cargo transportation

WestTransLine Group performs international project cargo transportation in European and CIS countries of:

  • production lines;
  • large-scale expositions and stands;
  • large shipments of industrial equipment.

When implementing such projects, we undertake responsibility of solving three major tasks. 
1. Transport engineering:
  • development of optimal schemes of cargo deliveries;
  • selection and preparation of required vehicles;
  • development and approval of schemes of loading, stowage and securing of cargo on vehicles;
  • obtaining necessary permits and passes for execution of the project cargo transportation.
2. Coordination of actions of the project participants:
  • agreement of timing and characteristics of loading with shippers;
  • agreement of the plan of arrival and unloading of the vehicles with the consignee;
  • control of the export clearance and customs procedures for the cargo.
3. Cargo forwarding and transportation:
  • reservation of vehicles;
  • simultaneous, when necessary, arrival to the customs clearance of the required number of vehicles loaded in different countries;
  • daily planning and satellite monitoring of vehicles movement granting Customers personal access to the system of control over execution of their orders;
  • transportation of high-value goods without escort;
  • transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes;
  • additional cargo insurance for 100 to 110% (to the current policy of CMR insurance €900.000 (€450.000 for one insurance event))
  • consulting representatives of the Customer in preparation of documents.
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