Transportation of dangerous (ADR) cargoes

WestTransLine Group carries out international transportation of dangerous cargoes in European and CIS countries in compliance with the generally accepted regulations, safety standards and ADR requirements, company’s own environmental policy.

Safe and reliable transportation of dangerous cargoes is ensured by:
  • modern fleet of vehicles equipped for transportation of dangerous cargoes;
  • professionalism of our drivers specially trained and having appropriate international certificates;
  • effective system of control of the technical condition of the rolling stock (own repair and maintenance shops);
  • many years of successful experience in transportation of dangerous cargoes.
Our team, technology and resources ensures quality fulfillment of:
  • contractual obligations for transportation of large consignments of dangerous cargoes;
  • urgent orders from our Customers for transportation of dangerous cargoes.
WestTransLine Group was the first one in Belarus to receive a permit for transportation of dangerous waste through the territory of Germany.
The classes of dangerous cargoes in accordance with the ADR classification, which are carried by own road-trains of the Group, are:
  • Class 2 — gases compressed, liquified and dissolved under pressure;
  • Class 3 — flammable liquids;
  • Class 4 — flammable substances and materials;
  • Class 5 — oxidizing substances and organic peroxides;
  • Class 6 — toxic and infectious substances;
  • Class 8 — corrosive substances;;
  • Class 9 — miscellaneous dangerous substances.