Transportation of oversized cargoes

WestTransLine Group successfully implements projects in the international transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes in European and CIS countries.

The main objects of transportation of oversized cargoes by road of the Group are:
  • special vehicles (municipal-engineering, road-building, agricultural and forestry);
  • machine-building equipment;
  • tanks;
  • metal structures;
  • parts of production lines.
International transportation of oversized cargoes is a complex technical process that requires an individual approach. We offer quality decisions with the key factors as follows:
  • detailed planning of transportation;
  • prompt obtaining of required permits without intermediaries;
  • optimal placement and reliable securing of cargoes;
  • transparent price policy.
Our Customers can choose an additional cargo insurance for 100 to 110% (to the current policy of CMR insurance €900.000 (€450.000 for one insurance event));

WestTransLine Group appreciates your confidence and guarantees reliable deliveries of oversized and heavy cargoes.