Transportation of high-value cargoes

WestTransLine Group carries out international transportation of high-value goods (with the value of customs payments exceeding EUR 60,000) in the status of Customs carrier and Authorized economic operator, which allows to:

  • reduce the time of delivery (by spending no time waiting for the escort at the border);
  • avoid additional expenses for customs support (escort).
We ensure safety of high-value cargoes using modern technologies and resources:
  • own vehicle fleet (vehicles with 3 years of operation max. complying with the Euro-5 emission standard, with additional straps and loops for reliable securing);
  • effective system of control of the technical condition of the rolling stock (own repair and maintenance shops);
  • route analysis from the point of view of safety (quality and load of highways, the location of guarded parking lots, etc.);
  • satellite monitoring of vehicle movement, mobile communication with the crew and 24/7 dispatch service.
Our Customers can choose additional options for the service of high-value goods transportation:
  • cargo insurance for 100 to 110% (to the current policy of CMR insurance €900.000 (€450.000 for one insurance event))
  • declaration of cargo price and/or value, increasing the limit of liability of the Group as provided by the CMR for loss of or damage to the cargo, or for a delay in delivery;
  • paramilitary escort.
WestTransLine Group appreciates your confidence and guarantees reliable deliveries of high-value cargoes.