FTL cargoes

WestTransLine Group carries out international cargo transportation in European and CIS countries (exports, imports, intra-European transportation, transportation between the countries of the CIS) by road vehicles complying with the Euro-6 standard emission standard, covered semi-trailers with a volume of 90 to 100 m³ and a capacity of up to 24 tonnes.

Use of modern vehicles ensures:

  • fulfillment of the terms of the transport order including the agreed deadlines of cargo delivery;
  • observance of requirements of the legislation and compliance with current environment-protection standards;
  • cargo safety (optimal placement and reliable securing);
  • driver and road user safety.

Registration of vehicles in Belarus and Russia allows us to be more flexible in fulfillment of the requirements of the licensing system, to stably and fully meet the needs of our Customers in international cargo transportation to European and CIS countries.


We offer our Customers an integrated solution for:

  • reservation of the required number of vehicles taking into account the terms of delivery and characteristics of the cargoes;
  • optimization of the vehicle routes (own system of route management on the basis of industry regulations, restrictions of vehicle and cargo movement, the regime of work and rest for drivers);
  • transportation of cargoes of high volumes (up to 100 m³) and a height of up to 3 meters;
  • transportation of dangerous cargoes;
  • transportation of high-value goods without any escort;
  • submission of daily reports about execution of the transportation order (indicating the location of the cargo and the forecast of its arrival to the destination);
  • additional cargo insurance for 100 to 110% (to the current policy of CMR insurance €900.000 (€450.000 for one insurance event));
  • control (check) and timely provision of shipping documents for the completion of customs procedures.

In the future, we plan to expand the package of services for transportation of FTL cargoes:

  • develop services for the transportation of cargoes requiring special temperature regimes;
  • arrange services of multimodal transportation of cargoes by road, rail and sea.

The high quality of our services is confirmed by the trust of Customers including well-known companies and brands (residents of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus and the EU), leaders in their industries.