WestTransLine Group cares about the safety of cargoes of its Customers. We secure interests of cargo owners for safety of the cargo by qualified personnel, reliable equipment, a system of cargo movement tracking and carrier’s liability insurance (the so-called CMR insurance).

If the Customer is interested in receiving the insurance indemnity in case of damage to the cargo due to any reason (except for common exceptions), the cargo must be insured. For this purpose we offer our Customers an additional service of cargo insurance.

The cargoes, transportation of which is assigned by the Customer to WestTransLine Group, are insured by the insurance company of ERGO that renders services in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001-2008 international quality standard.

Advantages of cargo insurance with our participation are:
  • the long-term and reliable partnership relations with the insurance company allows to insure the cargoes at the best rates;
  • availability of a general agreement on cargo insurance eliminates the need to pay insurance fees before shipment;
  • insurance for 110% of the cargo value is possible, which allows increasing the amount of the recoverable expenses resulting from cargo rescue (reduction of losses due to the insured event);
  • cargo insurance without franchise;
  • reasonable terms of payment of the insurance amount.
Upon the occurrence of an insured event under the cargo insurance, the cost of the damaged cargo (its loss of value) or the repair costs are reimbursed, as well as the agreed expenses made in order to reduce losses from the insured event.

An insurance event according to the cargo insurance is loss (destruction), damage to the cargo resulting from the events as stipulated by the policy. It is possible to insure cargoes using the ‘all risks’ option when the insured event is a damage to the cargo due to any reason except for certain generally accepted exceptions from the insurance coverage such as damage to the cargo due to its packaging with violation of the standards, cargo shrinkage/scattering because of its natural features etc. At Customer’s choice, cargo can be insured using the ‘limited liability’ or ‘no liability for damage’ options.

CMR insurance. The liability of carriers of WestTransLine Group during international road transportation of cargoes is insured within the following limits:
  1. for full or partial loss of the cargo or its damage during transportation:
    • 4EUR 450,000 per one insured event,
    • EUR 900,000 for the insurance period under the policy;
  2. for financial losses resulting from a delay in cargo delivery:
    • EUR 15,000 per one insured event,
    • EUR 30,000 for the insurance period under the policy;
  3. for financial losses due to the payment of customs duties and fees:
    • EUR 15,000 per one insured event,
    • EUR 30,000 for the insurance period under the policy.

In case of damage (loss) of the cargo resulting from carrier’s fault, the indemnity under CMR insurance is calculated in accordance with Article 23 of the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) of 1956 as amended by the Protocol of 1978, that is proceeding from the rate of SDR 8.33 per 1 kg of gross weight of the damaged (lost) cargo.

When transporting high-value and light-weight cargoes, the insurance indemnity calculated as SDR 8.33 will make only a part of the value of the damaged/lost cargo. In such cases, in order to provide our Customers a possibility to get insurance indemnity without application of the limit of SDR 8.33 per 1 kg of gross weight, we can insure our responsibility individually per each transportation of such cargoes. In such an event we expect our Customer to pay an increment to the freight rate and, upon prior agreement with us, to declare the cargo value in the CMR waybill.